Our marketing channels

With our "online marketplace" and "personalized customer network" marketing channels we can fully cover and target the worldwide market for used rail vehicles and other rail products short-term.


Online marketplace www.rail-assets.de
The online marketplace is our display window - available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. With the rail-assets Newsletter we presently reach our over 6200 marketplace users worldwide. 

With our online marketplace we make sure that the respective sales information is placed and is permanently available on the worldwide market. In this case we place the offers in the market using the scattergun approach and ensure that no markets or customers are excluded.


Personalized customer network
This form of direct, personalized and target-group oriented marketing is driven via our European and worldwide customer network on the basis of a CRM system (Customer Relation Management System).

It enables us to direct targeted sales offers comprehensively and within a very short period of time at every target group in western and eastern Europe, as well as worldwide.

Over the years we have established at least one personal contact at every market-relevant company worldwide, with whom we place the offers directly. In the extra-European markets, moreover, we make a point of working together with strong and reliable partners.

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